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At Kingdom Time we are dedicated to spreading the gospel to the world.  To do this we require money to purchase materials and to distribute them.  It is my view that this ministry is good ground to invest in.  Search your heart and see what God would have you to gift to this ministry.  We are a 501C3 so any and all you donate is tax deductible.


Make A Tax Deductible Donation To KTM

The Kingdom Time Ministry, is pleased to offer you the opportunity to make an easy on-line contribution to our ministry to support the work we are doing all around the world supporting our men and women serving in the armed forces.

Please click on the “Donation” button below to make your contribution. You will be given a chance to specify where you want your donation to go to, or you can leave it blank for a general donation.

All donations made are eligible as a non-profit tax-free donation.

May God bless you and yours:

In Jesus

Bishop Jackson Plant
Senior Pastor, Kingdom Time Ministry
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