wondering about God?


1. Admit Your Need

The Bible calls the self-centeredness that all of us experience "sin." It simply means that we typically put ourselves ahead of others, and we prefer to do things our way rather than God’s way. This obviously gets in the way of knowing God.

2. Express Your Regret

The Bible teaches that we need to admit our sin to God and ask His forgiveness. Because Jesus Christ died on the cross, you can be forgiven of all your sin. When you sincerely ask God to forgive you, He will!

3. Open Your Life to God

When we ask Jesus Christ to come into our lives and take charge of who we are, God puts His spiritual life within us. Jesus called this "abundant life" because it is full of meaning and joy.

4. Trust God’s Promises

Because of what Jesus has done, we don’t have to earn God’s acceptance. When we invite Jesus Christ to forgive us and live in us, we become acceptable to God. By dying, Jesus has done the hard part; our part is to trust Him to take care of us.

You can talk to him right now. Your prayer might sound something like this:

Dear God, I want to know you. I ask you to forgive me for my self-centeredness. I invite Jesus Christ to come into my life right now and take charge of who I am. Thank you for loving me and for forgiving me. Amen.