Bishop Jackson Plant, Senior Pastor
cell: 4107611091

Bishop Jackson Plant is a military veteran, having retired from the US Navy in 2008 with 20 years of service.   Pastor Plant is also an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.)

Bishop Jackson Plant’s burning desire and hunger for revival to see this lost world come to Jesus are the foundation of Kingdom Time Ministry.  

Pastor Plant has multi faceted ministries: 1) Director of the Church Of God Christian Servicemen's Center in Yokosuka, Japan; 2) Evangelist for Ministry to the Military's (MTTM) in the Far East and the US; 3) Associated Pastor for various Church of God Ministries in Maryland; 4) Senior Pastor for Kingdom Time Ministry in Hawaii; and 5)  founder of For This Time Ministries.    

Pastor Plant was called to minister in 1984, a call which he tried his best to run from.  For five years he ran, then in 1989 after a death experience; God got a hold of him and he quit running and embraced the call.

During 1997-98, Pastor Plant attended the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida where God purified his heart and reaffirmed his call to ministry.  Then the  Navy transferred him to USS Kitty Hawk in Yokosuka, Japan.  It was there where he preached for the first time and began the call as minister of God. Additionally, he was appointed as the Singles Pastor at the Yokota Christian Serviceman's Center.

In 2000 Bishop Plant was credentialed, ordained, and appointed through Church of God. He was sent forth as the Senior Pastor at Yokosuka Christian Servicemen's Center in Japan.  In December 2013, Bishop Jackson and Dr. Julie Plant were appointed as Senior Pastors for Kingdom Time Ministry in  Hawaii.  In 2015, he moved to south Texas where he ministers thru Plant Ministries. Pastor Plant lives in Texas with his wife, Julie and their dog-child, Huey.


Bishop Jackson Plant, Senior Pastor
Plant Ministries
709N 77 Sunshine Strip #140
Harlingen, TX 78550