A shift in the atmosphere.
This has been a tough winter in the US.  Like God has shown me in the past, the natural is an outgrowth of the spiritual.  This has been a very cold time in the spiritual for a while now.  I know it started for me about last November.  I noticed that there was an increase in the amount of spiritual and natural attacks against the body and me also.  Looking back it is clear what was happening.  In December I found out that Julie and I were to be the new Senior Pastors for the church here in Hawaii.  This came on the heals in the natural of the sequestration and then the shutdown of the government and I lost a lot of money and it really hurt me in the natural that is still affecting me even now.  I felt the need to change so I  renamed the church as Kingdom Time Ministry.   For the time is now, which is ironic since the name of the ministry I got from God in Japan after Brownsville was For This Time.  There is a shifting in the Spirit a shifting in the natural!  With every winter there is a spring, with every spring a thaw, take this thaw and ask are the things your living for worth Jesus dying for?  Get right with God, suit up join in the fight, its time to take the fight to the enemy!  We win, don’t cower, dont fear him for the bible mentions that one day all the world will see him for what he is and laugh!  Its time for the kingdom, its time to fight its time to win its Kingdom Time!


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